group participates in yoga therapy Here at Grace Counseling, we believe in treating the whole person, not just one aspect. While we are limited in the scope of our services, we have used a lot of time and resources to develop our physical health services. At this moment, we offer therapeutic trauma-informed yoga and nutrition counseling. Physical wellness is a key component to healing and recovery from addiction treatment. Similarly, physical health has a significant impact on mental health. Our team of counselors and therapists understand how physical wellness influences both conditions, so we’ve made holistic therapy a major part of our treatment programs.

We have a registered dietitian on staff who will meet with you to learn about your lifestyle and work with you to create a program that will work for you. We also have two yoga instructors on staff who conduct trauma-informed and therapeutic yoga. Grace Counseling offers physical wellness programs in all of our treatment programs, and as a part of all of our therapies should clients desire it. We understand the importance of treating the whole person, which means seeing to the physical and the mental.

The Value of Yoga Therapy

Our yoga therapy program is a holistic approach that ties together the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of recovery and healing. Our instructors guide clients through yoga practices that strengthen their body while teaching mindfulness techniques and self-awareness that help mitigate stress.

When individuals are in treatment for substance use disorder, yoga therapy is one way to rebuild their body. Often individuals struggling with drug or alcohol abuse have seen the substances they use have a negative impact on their health. Yoga therapy is one way to heal the damage done. Similarly, for individuals struggling with mental health issues like depression, anxiety disorders, or trauma, yoga therapy is an excellent way to manage stress. It can teach a form of mindfulness that allows clients to overcome their issues and focus more on creating healthy coping mechanisms.

Whether working one-on-one with our yoga instructors as part of individual therapy or in a group therapy setting, such attention to physical wellbeing is key in recovery.

How Nutrition Counseling Can Help You Heal

When individuals lack a balance in key dietary nutrients, their mental health can suffer. Our nutritional therapy at Grace Counseling in Fort Worth and Lewisville, Texas, aims to help clients create healthy eating habits to improve their mental health and maintain it.

Our registered dieticians work alongside clients and our other counselors and therapists to create a dietary plan that addresses the deficiencies clients are experiencing. Each plan is uniquely built around the individual’s needs and preferences.

After an in-depth assessment, our dieticians and therapists will help clients create a variety of plans. Some individuals may need meal planning assistance, some clients might require dietary supplements, and some may need guidance in the best way to prepare healthy meals. Whatever the need, our team is prepared to help.

Discover More at Grace Counseling

Our physical wellness center provides every client at Grace Counseling, with the support they need to live a happy and healthy life. When used in conjunction with our other therapies, clients can come to have a complete sense of recovery from substance abuse or mental health issues. Some of our treatment programs and therapies include:

Clients can use our nutritional counseling and yoga therapy across programs and treatments. Reach out to us today at 844.564.0712, or contact us online to learn more about our programs and therapies.