woman talks to patient about programs at Grace Counseling Grace Counseling is an outpatient treatment center that specializes in addressing mental and physical health concerns, as well as substance use issues. We have facilities in Fort Worth, Lewisville, and Texarkana, Texas but serve individuals in need from around the state. At Grace Counseling, our unique programs treat a wide range of health issues, but the thread that connects them is our focus on combining evidence-based treatments with more holistic approaches to effect long-term overall well-being. At Grace, we also know that each patient’s circumstance and history is unique. For this reason, we make a point of customizing each treatment program to ensure that it meets the individual needs of each individual who walks through our doors.

If you or someone you care about is battling mental health issues or struggling with an alcohol or substance use issue, it is important that you seek the help of a licensed professional. Reach out to our experienced team today to learn more about what Grace Counseling can do for you.

About Our Mission

To get to the heart of the Grace Counseling mission, you must understand the origin of our name. When our founder started Grace Counseling, she named it after her grandmother, Grace Thomas, a compassionate caregiver who made an indelible impression of every life she touched. Grace’s way in the world was based on a few simple principles.

Be an Advocate

Grace believed that the key to being a conscientious caregiver is putting others’ needs before our own needs, which has guided our practice at Grace counseling from our inception.

Believe in People

Grace believed that with a little push, every person could achieve great things. This simple idea is at the very center of all of the work that we do at Grace Counseling.

Give More than You Take

Grace believed that our purpose on this earth is to give to those in need. At Grace Counseling, our aim is to give hope to those who have lost it and to help individuals in need onto the path to a brighter future.

The simplicity of these principles does not mean that the mission is easy. As anyone who has struggled with mental health or addiction issues can attest, few things in this world are more difficult. But by treating each of our patients with the dignity and care they deserve, Grace believed that we could get there together.

About Our Programs

At Grace Counseling, we achieve our mission by offering a broad range of mental health, physical wellness, and substance use treatment programs.

Addiction Treatment Programs

At Grace Counseling, we design individualized addiction treatment plans for individuals no matter their age, the substance or substances to which they are addicted, or their circumstance.

Mental Health Counseling

Our mental health experts are well-versed in evidence-based treatment approaches ranging from individual and group therapy to family and couples therapy and gender-specific treatment.

Physical Wellness Center

Whether you are struggling with addiction issues, mental health concerns, or both, the foundation of a healthy mind is a healthy body. In the physical wellness center at Grace Counseling, we use holistic treatment approaches like yoga therapy and educational programming like nutritional counseling to ensure that each of our patients has the tools they need to achieve long-term wellness.

Reach Out to Grace Counseling Today

When you are battling poor mental health or a substance use problem, it can be difficult to know where to turn. The most important step, however, is the decision to reach out for help. To learn more about the services we provide our patients at Grace Counseling, contact our intake team using our secure online form or call us at 844.564.0712. Begin your journey to wellness today.