family participates in family therapy Family is the foundation in the lives of many people. And while positive experiences tend to outnumber negative ones, individuals face unique challenges within their family unit and without. These can include parenting challenges, child behavioral issues, domestic violence (physical and emotional), and even substance abuse. Fortunately, Grace Counseling offers comprehensive family counseling. Our family therapy can address the issues that arise between family members in our family conflict resolution. We also offer individuals the therapy they need to deal with stress and mental health issues tied to their family’s roles and experiences.

Understanding How Family Therapy Can Help

Family counseling is a form of treatment meant to address unique challenges that are negatively affecting a family’s dynamic. It typically includes the affected parties or at least the main people in the treatment process. It’s meant to help the family get through a difficult period, a life transition, or mental/behavioral health problems. The therapist can play several different roles in the process but is always non-judgmental, giving an objective assessment of each family member’s situation, reactions, and behavior. Our family therapists analyze how family members interact with each other to determine the right approach in bringing about a resolution.

A healthy family dynamic doesn’t just happen. It requires proper attention. Sometimes families can do the work on their own. But when they have difficulties, family counseling should be considered. The goal of our therapists at Grace Counseling isn’t to solve every problem a family has. Rather, we strive to help teach how families can find peace, learn new skills in interacting with each other, and foster more positive and healthy interactions going forward. Some common reasons to look into family therapy include:

  • Child behavioral problems
  • Loss and grieving
  • Depression
  • LGBTQ+ issues
  • Domestic violence
  • Infertility
  • Substance use
  • Mental health disorders
  • Stress

Through therapy, a family will gain a better understanding of boundaries and dynamics. They will learn communication and conflict resolution skills. Most importantly, family therapy enhances empathy among family members, which will help the healing process.

The Goals of Family Counseling

As a way to enhance and improve communication, family therapy is an invaluable form of psychological counseling. Within families, conflicts are often allowed to linger. This causes them to manifest in resentments and occasionally in dangerous or risky behaviors such as substance abuse. By examining the relationships with a family and between family members, individuals can better understand the experiences of all the other members.

Family counseling strives to bring transparency to the relationships. Doing so encourages empathy and enhances closeness. Some of the goals of family counseling include:

  • Reframing relationships: Our therapists help families learn how to produce solutions based on relationships and understanding rather than focusing solely on an individual or individual behavior.
  • Modifying Behavior: Often, persons in a family need other members to change their behaviors. For many, this means learning new skills and discovering how to be positively and effectively supported. It can be a challenge to restructure or unlearn negative habits, adjust beliefs, and create new family rules.

Foster Positive Mental Health at Grace Counseling

Family therapy is just one means of addressing the issues that arise from close relationships. Sometimes when clients engage in individual therapy, they discover many of the issues they face spring from the same source, their family. When it’s possible to work with family members, family therapy can be an excellent way not just to address current issues but lay the groundwork to prevent future mental health problems from arising.

At Grace Counseling, we believe in treating the whole person. Thus, we offer numerous therapeutic approaches. For instance, alongside individual and family therapy, we offer:

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