Grace Counseling is the premier treatment center for substance abuse, mental health, and physical wellness in Lewisville, Texas. Our commitment to serving clients in the Dallas metro area and from all over Texas has led us to develop programs for young people and adults that honor each client’s unique personhood. Our highly trained staff has the knowledge and experience to develop individualized treatment plans to help each person achieve their goals and become their best self.

outpatient addiction treatment in lewisvilleOur Philosophy: Grace Is More Than Just a Name

Our founder named the center after her grandmother, Grace, and Grace’s principles have driven our approach to treatment ever since. These three simple, common-sense ideas are at the heart of all we do:

  • Be an Advocate – Grace believed in putting others’ needs ahead of her own, and so do we. Our approach to counseling is to walk with our clients on their journey, helping and guiding them as they heal.
  • Believe in People – Grace knew that every person had the potential to be great, so we have committed ourselves to facilitate the greatness in each of our clients.
  • Give More Than You Take – Just like Grace did, we believe in giving our best to each client so that they can reach their treatment goals and start living the life they were meant to live.

These values guide our process.

Addiction and Substance Abuse Treatment At Grace Counseling

Addiction is a serious disease that needs real, professional treatment. At Grace Counseling, our programs for people living with substance abuse and addiction are designed to bring best clinical practices together with cutting-edge therapies so that our clients can discover the beauty of a sober life. Each client is given an individualized treatment plan based on assessments from our staff and the client’s own goals for treatment. Participants will receive individual counseling, group therapy, and other wellness and therapeutic activities. Recovery is a journey, and our staff is ready to walk alongside each client.

Mental Health Treatment At Grace Counseling

Mental health conditions are extremely common, but the treatments for those conditions need to be uniquely designed for each individual. At Grace Counseling, we have programs for people of all ages and conditions that can help you or your loved one heal from trauma, learn to manage chronic conditions, and regain stability to live your best life. Each client receives a treatment plan made just for them by our highly trained and knowledgeable staff. We will work together with you to reach your treatment goals so that you can start doing all the things in life you want to do.

Physical Wellness Treatment At Grace Counseling

Mental, emotional, and physical health go hand in hand, and our treatment philosophy honors that understanding. Our clients are not just a diagnosis or a condition; they are whole people who deserve to be well in mind, body, and spirit. We believe in treating all parts of the person, so our programs for physical wellness are an integral part of our approach to healing.

Grace Counseling Offers a Variety of Outpatient Treatment Programs In Lewisville, Texas

If you or a loved one has struggled with substance abuse, addiction, mental health conditions, or eating disorders, you do not need to fight alone. We at Grace Counseling are proud to serve clients in the Dallas metro area and other parts of Texas. Our programs are uniquely designed for each client so that you or your loved one will get exactly the help you need. Reach out to our caring and compassionate staff today at 844.564.0712 and let us tell you what we can do to help.