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Traditionally, individual and group therapy combined has been the backbone of mental health and substance abuse treatment programs. However, other types of therapies are emerging which have been shown to help people with all kinds of conditions – mental, physical, and behavioral. Recreational therapy is one of those types of therapy. How does a recreational therapy program differ from normal recreational activities? What benefits can come from participating in a recreational therapy program? How can Grace Counseling help someone with recreational therapy? If you’re in need of mental health counseling in Texas, we can help.

Recreational Therapy Activities: Having Fun With a Purpose

Having fun is generally considered a good thing. It lifts the spirits, bonds us with friends and loved ones, and teaches valuable social skills. Recreational therapy uses all those qualities to help clients build the skills they need to heal. Some of the ways that recreational therapy works to help clients are:

  • Reinforces and strengthens motor skills
  • Builds up confidence
  • Strengthens socialization skills
  • Allows clients to interact with peers and therapists in a casual environment
  • Reduces stress, anxiety, depression, and other emotional issues
  • Promotes physical, emotional, and mental well-being

What is the Difference Between Recreational Therapy and Normal Recreation?

Although many of the activities during recreational therapy are similar to things that one might do for normal recreation, there are some key differences. Recreational therapy is planned and conducted by a licensed recreational therapist who has completed special training. Before beginning recreational therapy, a detailed assessment of the client’s needs is conducted. This helps the therapist pinpoint areas of focus so that activities can cater to each client’s individual needs. One of the main tenets of recreational therapy is that a client’s health is not only characterized by an absence of illness but by a client’s ability to participate in and enjoy life to the greatest possible extent.

What Kinds of Activities Are Part of Recreational Therapy?

Recreational therapy can encompass a wide variety of activities. Exactly which activities will be planned can depend on many factors, but most especially on the individual client’s needs. Some clients might need to focus on socialization and teamwork skills, so they may be offered group activities to facilitate that need. Other clients might need to work on confidence and physical wellness, so they might be offered activities that allow them to solve problems and stretch their physical capabilities. Some other activities that can be part of recreational therapy are:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Dancing and music
  • Nature activities
  • Team building projects
  • Sports
  • Performing arts

An individual’s particular recreational therapy program may include those listed or others. Activities are designed to cater to the person’s needs.

Who Can Benefit From Recreational Therapy?

Studies have shown that many clients can benefit from recreational therapy. Clients who have physical limitations, clients living with mental illness, clients with behavioral challenges, and clients recovering from substance abuse can benefit from recreational therapy. Since there are many different activities available, clients can participate at whatever level they can. The recreational therapist can determine whether or not a client will be well served by therapeutic activities and assess each client individually.

Reach Out to Learn More About Grace Counseling’s Recreational Therapy Program in Fort Worth, Texas

Our recreational therapy program features various activities designed to help our clients reach their full potential. Recreational therapy is only one of many therapeutic programs we offer, providing a full spectrum of healing for our clients and their families. If you are interested to find out whether our recreational therapy program can help you or your loved one, contact our caring and knowledgeable staff at 844.564.0712. We are available to discuss all of the options with you and help you discover how you can best access healing today.