Patients in a family programNo one decides one day to live a life of addiction. Nevertheless, people are becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol every day in neighborhoods across America. People from families who care about them, individuals with hopes and dreams. No one ever expects to find themselves in a situation where substance use disrupts and threatens to destroy a family. But this has become all too common, and the reality is that it is likely to touch more communities in the years to come.

The challenge of this growing problem is that it affects people of all ages and stages of life. Looking for an addiction treatment program in Lewisville TX with the comprehensive care you want and the compassionate treatment you need may feel overwhelming. Substance use disorder affects mental wellness, both of the person experiencing the substance issue and that of the family members who care about them. This dysfunction can become a cycle of actions and reactions, and it becomes clear that change for the whole family is necessary.

One of the most valuable services in treatment is family counseling. Among the numerous family programs for addiction recovery in the Southwest, Grace Counseling near Fort Worth is the premier destination for addressing addiction and healing hearts. Watching a loved one struggle is difficult, and finding the help you need is closer than you think through our family program in Lewisville, Texas.

Family Programs for Addiction Work

Part of our holistic approach to recovery, Grace Counseling values the family’s role in the healing process and counsels family members along with the individual in treatment. Each member of the family has a role to play in recovery. This comprehensive counseling addresses common issues through our family conflict resolution therapies. Some of these include how to adjust beliefs, unlearn negative habits, and agree to new family rules.

A therapist can help a family better understand its own unique dynamics and establish different communication and conflict resolution skills. Empowering all participants to individually work to improve their own skills can significantly help in the healing process and avoid relapse.

The Benefits of Family Therapy

Our clinical staff at Grace Counseling come from various backgrounds. An important goal they all share is their dedication, compassion, and expertise they use to support patients and their families. During family therapy, you and your loved ones will:

  • Learn new skills to better communicate and resolve conflict
  • Establish a new level of honesty and transparency
  • Gain empathy and appreciation for others’ experiences
  • Discover hope that together your family can work through this

Grace Counseling customizes treatment for each patient with a level of skill and experience that facilitates healing to begin in the heart, mind, and body.  We offer individuals the therapy they need to heal from issues tied to their family experiences. This approach to mental wellness lays the groundwork to meet a person’s individual needs and affect change by empowering the family to respond positively as their loved one recovers.

Reach Out to the Mental Wellness and Addiction Specialists at Grace Counseling Today

Treating a broad range of mental wellness and addiction issues, Grace’s expert team focuses on helping individuals and their families succeed in achieving their recovery goals. We offer patients a broad range of treatment options to help them on their road to recovery, including:

  • Partial hospitalization
  • Detox
  • Intensive outpatient program
  • Counseling and therapy

Your family’s journey to health and healing can begin today. Learn more about how our highly qualified team of counselors can support you and your family on the road to recovery by contacting us through our online form or call us at 844.564.0712.